Enjoy Extra Space - Alexan Buckhead Village's two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Enjoy Extra Space

Embrace the freedom of extra space – pursue your hobbies and passions at home. Welcome to Alexan Buckhead Village! If you’re looking for room to grow and space to live your best life, our Veuve Cliquot luxury apartment floor plan is just what you need. This apartment offers two large bedrooms and two full bathrooms across a generous 1,377 SF. Plus, it comes with a balcony for a little outdoor escape. It’s the perfect place for anyone who enjoy extra space, whether for hobbies, hosting friends, or just stretching out.

Apartment Amenities That Make Life Easier

Living in our Veuve Cliquot apartments means enjoying some of the best features around. These apartments have spacious walk-in closets with adjustable shelving, so you can set them up just how you like. In our apartments, we’ve made sure there’s plenty of cool stuff to enjoy, like fancy vanities in the bathrooms and modern kitchen fixtures. These things aren’t just for show; they make your daily life easier and fancier. For example, the stylish vanities in the bathrooms look nice and give you a more comfortable and organized space to get ready in the mornings. And the modern fixtures in the kitchen make cooking and cleaning up after meals a breeze.

Making the Most of Outdoor Space

The layout of these apartments is smart. Designed to make the most of the space, giving you clear areas for cooking, dining, and relaxing without feeling crowded. We’ve ensured that the bedrooms are separate from the living spaces so you can have peace whenever possible. Each bedroom is big enough to fit a desk or even some workout gear, which means you can easily work or exercise without bothering anyone else. Plus, having a balcony means you have a little outdoor space right at home to relax and enjoy some fresh air without going outside. It’s like having a private oasis just for you.

Prime Location for Convenience and Fun

Alexan Buckhead Village is more than just great apartments—it’s also in a prime location. Living here means you’re in the middle of an enjoyable neighborhood with many shops, restaurants, and fun things to do nearby. You won’t have to drive for ages to get anywhere, so you can spend more time having fun instead. It’s great for anyone who wants to improve their life and enjoy everything their neighborhood offers. With so much to do just a short walk or drive away, you’ll never run out of things to explore. Plus, being close to everything makes meeting up with friends and family easier whenever you want. It’s like having all the perks of city living without hassle.

Come check out the Veuve Cliquot floor plan at Alexan Buckhead Village and see how much there is to love about living here. Our leasing team is excited to give you a tour and help you discover all the benefits of making this your new home. Schedule a visit today, and get ready to elevate your lifestyle in a place where luxury meets comfort and convenience. Enjoy extra space! At Alexan Buckhead Village, we offer more than just a place to live—we offer a lifestyle you’ll love to call home.

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