A Taste of the Mediterranean - Kabob

A Taste of the Mediterranean

Up for a taste of the Mediterranean? Take a stroll down the flavors of Southern Europe right here in Atlanta. Discover the wide range of dishes available at Lavash Mediterranean Grill. Join us at a restaurant that captures the essence of the region’s cuisine.


A Taste of Sunny Shores

Pick your choice from the diverse menu rich with the region’s culinary heritage. Each carefully crafted dish is sure to give you an explosion of flavors. Whether you’re a fan of vegetables, succulent meats, or fresh seafood, they have something to satisfy every palate. They make an effort to offer a variety of Mediterranean cuisine.


Mediterranean Hospitality

Aside from the great food, the restaurant offers warm and welcoming service. The staff is...

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Space and Luxury - Bollinger

Space and Luxury

Do you want a place that has an abundance of space and luxury? Come and live with us here at Alexan Buckhead Village! Our one-bedroom Bollinger floor plan is truly a beacon of luxury in modern urban living. It’s not just about a roof over your head; it’s about promoting a high-quality lifestyle. 


Space and More

Alexan Buckhead Village’s one-bedroom...

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A French Delight Near Buckhead - Scallops

A French Delight Near Buckhead

There’s something captivating about French restaurants. French cuisine is famous worldwide for its delicate flavors and detailed presentations. Today, we invite you to dine at Le Bilboquet. Let us go on a journey as we uncover the delights of French cuisine.


French Dining

Immerse yourself in a French delight near Buckhead. Bask in the echoes of French culture. Dine...

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Fun Community in Atlanta - Peloton Exercise Equipment

Fun Community in Atlanta

Come and be a part of our fun community in Atlanta! Community fun is essential to building and sustaining a strong sense of community. We offer countless ways to have fun with your neighbors. Share positive experiences and build connections here at Alexan Buckhead! Life gets better in Buckhead.

Fun Games for Everyone

There are endless ways to have fun with your friends...

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Self-Care in Your Comfort Zone - Buckhead Village luxury apartments with relaxing amenities

Self-Care in Your Comfort Zone

Make more room for self-care in your comfort zone at Alexan Buckhead Village. Who says that you must go out to have a great time? Our luxury apartments pride themselves on giving you resort-quality amenities in your home. Kick your feet up, grab a cold beverage, and let yourself escape your troubles, even if only for a few minutes.

Wash Away Your Worries

Do you wish to have a soothing...

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