atlanta luxury apartments

Atlanta Luxury Apartments

How comfortable should beautiful be? The Alexan Buckhead Village in Atlanta sets the true standard. Comfortable can be beautiful, and personal. Your apartment features are designed to indulge you, first. Community amenities extend your indulgences to your friends for a perfect long weekend. But whether treating yourself or your circle of friends, you will find something special here. Discover what personal space should be in the perfect floor plan and layout. Imagine what living in a home that serves your needs really means. Freedom to live the life you want starts here. Location is still the heart of the perfect home. Your new neighborhood is home to your new favorite restaurants, hang-outs, and attractions. Surround yourself with the lifestyle you have dreamed of at home and on the...

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Luxury 1bed/1bath Apartment Home in Atlanta

You know when you have found, the One. Your heart races. Pupils dilate. There’s a bounce in your step. Find the One, luxury apartment home of your dreams at the Alexan Buckhead Village in Atlanta. Indulge in luxury...

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Dinner & A Movie Delight in Atlanta

Going to the local theater has been a fun pastime for many generations, whether you’re looking to see something exciting over the weekend, you have some free time during the week to kill with your friends, or you want to woo a potential date with a charming flick. However, today’s cinemas offer more than just the newest films; many of them close to our luxury Atlanta apartments at Alexan...

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Buckhead Village

Awesome Athletics in Our Buckhead Village Apartments

People seem to have a negative stigma about exercise: it hurts while you do it, it hurts you for days afterward for being sore, it makes you all sorts of smelly and sweaty, and it doesn’t immediately give you the...

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Atlanta Apartments

Atlanta Apartments Built for Bliss

Perhaps the best place you could ever host a hangout is at your home: there are no noisy crowds or loud music blaring over loudspeakers, you’re not forced to leave after a certain hour – unless, of course, you require sleep, and best of all, your favorite hobbies are right there to entertain your friends for hours. Our luxury Atlanta apartments at Alexan Buckhead Village allow you to...

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