Find Your Happy Place

Getting into the right home is more important than ever. Fitting it to your lifestyle is just as essential. Get the best of both worlds when you call Alexan Buckhead Village in Atlanta, Georgia, home. Find your happy place when you pick the perfect floorplan for your lifestyle. Whether you spend a lot of time on the go or lounge over long weekends, there is a layout here for you. You find plenty of space to stretch out and relax. Invite your friends over and share a slice of “the good life.” Wrap yourself in luxury apartment features that keep you comfy 24/7. How much sweeter can life get? Spend time in your new gourmet kitchen and cook up some smiles. Your cooking is about to get a lot better. There are also plenty of community amenities to keep your life running smoothly....

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Blue Moon Pizza near Alexan Buckhead Village

Have you needed your favorite restaurant lately? Craving your favorite dining rooms around town is okay, but it is fair to admit you have enjoyed takeout and delivery. You can’t go wrong eating your favorite...

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Carefree Living at Alexan Buckhead Village

Getting back into the swing of things will take a little practice, so be sure your relaxation game is top-notch. Carefree living at Alexan Buckhead Village is always on your schedule when you make the right move...

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Comfort Starts with Ample Convenience

Having a refuge when things get a little hectic is very comforting. If you are missing out on having a private retreat, then look to Alexan Buckhead Village, luxury apartment homes for the answer. Here, comfort starts with ample convenience and beauty. Dive into luxury apartment features that keep you comfy all the time. Living well means living carefree a little more each day. What do you...

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two-bedroom apartments

Veuve Cliquot: Two-Bedroom Apartments with Pizazz

Comfort comes in many shapes and sizes: from soft slippers to wear around the house, to large king-size mattresses layered with foam, to a small serving of chocolate during the day, to a hearty meal made from your...

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