Once In A Blue Moon Taste - Pizza

Once In A Blue Moon Taste

A once in a blue moon taste awaits you at Blue Moon Pizza of Buckhead. This great restaurant is only a few minutes away from Alexan Buckhead Village. Let’s talk about what makes it so unique. You’ll be ready to grab a slice in no time.


A Blue Moon Delight

Now, let’s talk about their pizza. It’s simply amazing. The dough is always fresh. The toppings are top-quality. The flavors are unique. No two pizzas are alike here. Blue Moon Pizza offers a fantastic selection of choices, from classic Margherita to creative specialty pies. Take the “Santa Fe,” for example. It’s a pizza that starts with a garlic-infused olive oil base, topped with chicken, red onion, cilantro, and a spicy tomato sauce. It’s an exciting pizza that’s unlike anything else you’ve tried.


A Taste of Community

Locals love Blue Moon Pizza. It’s become a big part of the Buckhead community. The team at Blue Moon Pizza cares about giving back. They often host “Dough Raising” events, where a part of the day’s sales goes to local charities. It’s a warm, inviting space where everyone feels at home. The friendly staff will make you feel like you are family when you step inside. From the cool blue tones of the decor to the moon-themed art on the walls, Blue Moon Pizza shines with a special charm.


Blue Moon Pizza and More

Blue Moon Pizza isn’t just about pizza. They serve amazing salads, mouth-watering sandwiches, and unforgettable desserts. They also have a wide range of craft beers. This is a place where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy some really good food. If you’re a pizza fan (and who isn’t?), and you find yourself in Buckhead, you have to try Blue Moon Pizza. It’s not just about the pizza, but it is a big part. It’s about the people, the atmosphere, and the feeling of community.

Go to Blue Moon Pizza for a once in a blue moon taste. Join us here in Alexan Buckhead Village in enjoying great delights. Call now for reservations!

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