Fine Art at a local art gallery

Fine Art Across the Block in Buckhead Village

Every so often, it’s great to stop, take a breath, pause whatever problems you have yet to solve, and admire something that’s beautiful. It can be a moment of nature, such as a pristine sunrise over a shimmering lake or the gentle cascade of rain or snowfall in the middle of town; or perhaps something manmade, like an ancient oil canvas still life painting or a beloved family photograph. Alexan Buckhead Village gives you plenty of beauty to admire right from our luxury apartments, so you don’t have to put in the effort to appreciate the little things.

Jackson Fine Art is Buckhead Village’s local art gallery and studio, situated in a picturesque cottage. Its primary focus is presenting the best of local talent, showcasing photography from the 20th and 21st century. These photographs can be something as simple as a portrait displaying a single person or object, or an entire landscape from a realm that almost looks outside of this planet, but each one communicates its own message through the power of its content. It’s the perfect place to stop by if you’re looking to simply unwind from a stressful week, and the collections switch out every few weeks to make each new visit a whole new experience. You can even purchase some of the pieces to add to your own private collection at home, or – if you’re a pioneer in photography yourself – you can sign up to sell your own creations. Best of all, it’s only a short ten-minute walk away from our luxury apartments.

Admire the beauty of the world right from your backyard at Alexan Buckhead Village. Visit the Jackson Fine Art gallery and our luxury apartments for an outstanding art experience.

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