A Taste of the Mediterranean - Kabob

A Taste of the Mediterranean

Up for a taste of the Mediterranean? Take a stroll down the flavors of Southern Europe right here in Atlanta. Discover the wide range of dishes available at Lavash Mediterranean Grill. Join us at a restaurant that captures the essence of the region’s cuisine.


A Taste of Sunny Shores

Pick your choice from the diverse menu rich with the region’s culinary heritage. Each carefully crafted dish is sure to give you an explosion of flavors. Whether you’re a fan of vegetables, succulent meats, or fresh seafood, they have something to satisfy every palate. They make an effort to offer a variety of Mediterranean cuisine.


Mediterranean Hospitality

Aside from the great food, the restaurant offers warm and welcoming service. The staff is always ready to help you with your needs. Do you want to know the perfect pairing for your wine? Or do you have questions about the menu? Rest assured that the staff has all the answers for you. Make and share memories as you dine.


Cream of the Crop

The restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients available to create authentic flavors. Freshly picked vegetables, herbs, and spices come directly from local markets. Every ingredient is essential to improve the taste of each dish. Taste the commitment to quality in every single bite.

Are you looking for a taste of the Mediterranean? Come and eat at Lavash Mediterranean Grill. The restaurant is only a short walk away from our community here at Alexan Buckhead Village. Call now and get your reservations!

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