A Perfect Pizza for All Occasions in Atlanta

There are many situations that call for pizza: big lunches in the office where you can share a few slices with your co-workers, a dinner with your family when everyone’s too tired or too busy to cook, or even a casual bite on your own or with one or two loved ones at home. Whatever you may be going through in life, our luxury apartments at Alexan Buckhead Village have many pizzerias and Italian restaurants right within reach to help satisfy your appetite and your mood.

Blue Moon Pizza is a local restaurant that prides itself on bringing loved ones together through delicious pizza and treats, and while social distancing may prevent us from uniting with our loved ones in person, you can still enjoy their great meals right at home. They’re located only a fifth of a mile from our luxury apartments, so you can either walk there to dine in or pick up a to-go order in three minutes, or you can order delivery to be placed right at your front door. Start out your meal with one of their addicting appetizers, such as their cheesy bread, Blue Moon salad, or two large portabella mushrooms topped with Grandma’s sauce: a mix of crushed plum tomatoes, olive oil, and sliced garlic. Afterwards, make your own pizza masterpiece or try one of their specialties, like the Greek with fresh spinach and kalamata olives, or the Thai chicken with spicy sesame peanut sauce and seasoned chicken bean sprouts.

Enjoy pizza whenever you’d like at home here at Alexan Buckhead Village. Visit Blue Moon Pizza in Atlanta as well as our luxury apartments for your next meal.

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